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Long Island Open Spaces

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11/8/04 10:37 am - beachwoodsparks

A cool quote I saw, I thought it fits with what we are trying to do very well:

"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy."
-John C. Sawhill (b.1936-2000), President, The Nature Conservatory, 1990-2000

11/7/04 11:13 pm - beachwoodsparks

a good question from acerob1 that I want to leave open for suggestions and debate, since honestly, I cant answer it matter of factly, i can only give my opinion.

I am joining, and am all for this, but I have a few questions.
Do you have any proposals on how to discourage people from coming onto the island?
We already have overpopulation problems, and we have many problems which stem from the lack of affordable housing. Preventing land use, while excellent, will further prevent those problems from being rectified. Do you have any suggestions for how we might deal with that?

I don't care about lack of affordable housing. if you can't afford to live here, move somewhere else. if you cant afford a school, you go to a cheaper school. if you don't have the money to stay at a 5 star hotel or eat at a top notch restaurant, you go to a more affordable place, right? why can't we do the same for housing? i don't like people moving into our island anymore. we have enough. this is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, if you can't cut if, why the hell do you move here? i know all of us have an idea of what is "middle lower" or "lower" class, areas such as central islip, shirley, brentwoood, wyandanch. but the cost of living is so high, that if they moved somewhere else in the country, such as arizona, the quality of life would be so much better for some of them. i'm not knocking anyone who already lives here, or anyone who lives in those areas, but i'm just telling it like it is. its no surprise that it costs $$$ to live on this island comfortably. and our island will have no space left, and will not have the character and beauty people love it so much for, if we keep trying to appease everyone's needs. so thats my take on it, i'm sorry if it sounds harash, but i really can't think of a different solution.

i would realloy love it if some of you would give your opinions, since i dont' want to be the only one providing answers. i'd love to hear different perspectives, even if its just a blurb. thanks. and dont forget to introduce yourself!

11/7/04 07:18 pm - cbathyy

hey you posted in my community veggies_of_ny so I hope it's ok if I post here.. if you go to one of the suffolk cc colleges.. join suffolk_cc .. thx

11/3/04 10:47 pm - beachwoodsparks - General Update

Hi everyone, thank you all for showing interest in this group. Really. I know it's just a community right now, but I am going to put my best effort in to make this a well known and active organization, if it's the last thing I do (besides burn down a "point-of-woods" community =] just kidding!).

Anyway, I would like to take a minute and talk about the Save the Cottages effort, if anyone doesn't know what that is, you can visit the website here: www.savethecottages.org - everything you need to know is there, including a petition, and a pre-written letter to the state. Feel free to write your own! Now, to my knowledge, it has already been decided that they are knocking it down. I really don't know if theres anything left that we can do to stop this, but I read in Newsday that the bulldozing can happen anytime from October 1 to the spring. So, while it can happen any day.. it hasn't happened yet, so I want to contact Save the Cottages and see if they plan on any further action, and I would just like to know how many of you would be interested in helping with this effort.

For anyone who has never been to the West Meadow cottages, I have some pictures of some of the cottages and the beach posted in my journal, here is a link to that particular entry in case anyone would like to see what it looks like. They're still there as of now, and you can walk around and take pictures, if you want directions, just leave a comment or e-mail me.


In other news, we have a strong interest in this group, and it's only day one, so I'm just curious to see if anyone plans on taking any positions in the future. Right now, it won't be necessary since we are a small group, but eventually I'll push people to take some responsibility in upkeep.

Also, I would like to know some more about you guys. Your name, age, any previous experience in activism, and most important, your location, because eventually, I'd like to arrange a meeting somewhere that's in close proximity to everyone. I live in Saint James, which is near Stony Brook University, and I know a few of you also go there.

And one more thing - how does everyone feel about the election?? Keep the obscenities to a minimum, please!

Thanks everyone.

11/3/04 09:59 am - beachwoodsparks - Election Results

I want to thank everyone, whether they see this or not, who voted for the clean water and the land preservation proposals. WE WON!

Suffolk County Proposal for 75 million dollars to be allocated for land preservation passed at almost 67%.

The Clean Water Open Space Bond Resolution passed at 69.5%.

you can see the proposals and the official election results here:



Congratulations to everyone who voted! if only we could have gotten a proposal to save the west meadow cottages on there, right?

11/3/04 09:00 am - beachwoodsparks - Introduction.

Hi, and thanks for checking out this community! By myself, (so far, hopefully not for long) I am the sole member of this new organization, the Long Island Open Spaces Alliance. You can read the general mission statement on the info page, and once we get enough members, we can draw up a charter, and a mission statement to put on an official website.

If you are here, you are obviously concerning about the dwindling spaces left on our island. Overpopulation is becoming a major problem. Traffic is at an all-time high. Every single piece of land is being developed with culd-de-sacs. Our island is starting to look like Pleasantville, only uglier. As this area becomes more desirable, more people are looking to move here. The prices of houses go up, the tax property goes up, and I fear that one day we will just resemble Queens.

The North Fork and the East End are especially at risk. Farmers are being pressured to subdivide their property so yuppies who are looking to "move out into the countryside" can ruin just that - the countryside atmosphere that makes up the East End. Manorville, in particular, once a small and unpopulated town, is now filled with huge culd-de-sacs, and huge houses on .25 acre properties. The population increase in Manorville in the past few years has increased over 100%. I don't have the exact number, but I saved an article on Manorville from Newsday a few weeks ago, which I will scan and post.

Think about how long it used to take you to get from town to your house five years ago. I think one of the main things that will come to mind is the extra 15 minutes you have to crawl through now. Does anybody live in Smithtown? Or Huntington Bay? So you know the gridlock that plagues Main St. route 25, and North 110 through the Station and the Village. 347 is a nightmare. 25A after 4:30? Yeah right. Montauk Highway in Babylon during rush hour? Well, do you feel like sitting in new york city traffic?

I'm sure most of you have heard of the controversy surrounding the cottages at West Meadow Beach. A piece of history destroyed, just because its on public property. Does anyone remember the Smith house that was on Edgewood Avenue in Smithtown, next to the YMCA? That beautiful historical landmark, bulldozed so that the YMCA could expand? Have you driven by it lately? Then you see what I see - an abandoned building. Instead of expanding, it closed down. And another part of history is lost.

I drive through historical Stony Brook, and it makes me so angry that this is what all of Long Island used to look like. Now it's vinyl siding, gated communities, perfect paved roads and the bright white curbs. What is happening to the elegant beauty of towns like Saint James, Sayville, Huntington, Manorville, Setauket, West Islip? I really wish I could write more about Nassau County, but I really have to do more research. So if anyone wants to fill me in on whats happening over there, please do.

I was driving down my street one morning, and the leaves were falling, and I was driving slow, admiring all of the houses, most of them here for at least 20 years. And then on my one street, I see a culd-de-sac. Another one. A big piece of land that was a forest being bulldozed for more houses. Behind my friends house, where he used to just look into trees, he now looks into a huge contemporary colonial, about ten feet away from the end of his property. My house used to not be visible from the street in back of me, but now I can see perfectly clear to the new houses being built behind my house.

When is this going to end? Either when there is no more land left. Or when we make it clear that we don't want it here.

So it is our duty to fight and protest future pleasantville communities, and to save our open spaces. We want to be able to drive a few miles within 10 minutes instead of 30. We want to be able to go out to Mattituck for farms and nature, not to admire brand spanking new houses piled practically on top of each other. We want to be able to visit more preserves. We want cleaner beaches. We want to protect landmarks from being knocked down. We want to discourage subdividing. And we want to make it clear that Long Island does not have any more room for new comers.

Please fight with me.

I will be looking for other people to help me out with administrative duties, along with regular members. I will need someone to moderate this community with me, as well as someone who can moderate/regulate a website that I'm designing. We need people for member advertising, preferable spread out, so we can get the word out all over the island. I need people who can keep their eye out on possible spaces that could be sold to developers, so we can do everything we can as early as we can to fight it. We want to advertise to homeowners with large pieces of open land, who may eventually be tempted to sell it to developers. We need people who can lobby officials in the area to sponsor and support us. I would like to contact similar organizations in the area and increase our strength. I need members who can do this on the South shore, the North shore, out east, and in nassau and suffolk counties, so there might be more than one title. I would like someone to head the Nassau portion of the group, and I will head the Suffolk portion. We need someone to handle money. So I would like to offer the following positions, please e-mail me or comment if you would be interested in committing to one of these titles:

Head of Nassau LIOSA -will be responsible for recruiting members, assigning various tasks, arranging meetings, and general oversight. Must be able to keep contact with all other LIOSA officials.
Nassau Events Director - responsible for organizing protests, fundraisers, and getting tables at fairs/festivals/rallies/etc. in Nassau County
Suffolk Events Director - same as above, but for Suffolk County.
East End Events Director (possibly even a North Fork and South Fork director) - same as above.
Treasurer - responsible for collecting any donations we receive, and keeping track of funds, since I'm terrible at this.
Secretary - paperwork. you keep all the red tape in order. you will also be reading papers and looking for annoucements of anything going on that we can fight or help with.
Advertising Committee - you will draw up flyers, take out ads, and will also be responsible for recruiting members via flyers around your town, campus, internet, etc.
Website/Community Moderator - general upkeep of community and website.
Political Lobbyists - anyone who is willing to contact their local officials and state officials to sponsor and help us out.

This might take a while before we get off the ground, but I'm willing to be patient, and hopefully, so are you. Thank you for reading.
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