cowboy (beachwoodsparks) wrote in preserve_li,

a good question from acerob1 that I want to leave open for suggestions and debate, since honestly, I cant answer it matter of factly, i can only give my opinion.

I am joining, and am all for this, but I have a few questions.
Do you have any proposals on how to discourage people from coming onto the island?
We already have overpopulation problems, and we have many problems which stem from the lack of affordable housing. Preventing land use, while excellent, will further prevent those problems from being rectified. Do you have any suggestions for how we might deal with that?

I don't care about lack of affordable housing. if you can't afford to live here, move somewhere else. if you cant afford a school, you go to a cheaper school. if you don't have the money to stay at a 5 star hotel or eat at a top notch restaurant, you go to a more affordable place, right? why can't we do the same for housing? i don't like people moving into our island anymore. we have enough. this is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, if you can't cut if, why the hell do you move here? i know all of us have an idea of what is "middle lower" or "lower" class, areas such as central islip, shirley, brentwoood, wyandanch. but the cost of living is so high, that if they moved somewhere else in the country, such as arizona, the quality of life would be so much better for some of them. i'm not knocking anyone who already lives here, or anyone who lives in those areas, but i'm just telling it like it is. its no surprise that it costs $$$ to live on this island comfortably. and our island will have no space left, and will not have the character and beauty people love it so much for, if we keep trying to appease everyone's needs. so thats my take on it, i'm sorry if it sounds harash, but i really can't think of a different solution.

i would realloy love it if some of you would give your opinions, since i dont' want to be the only one providing answers. i'd love to hear different perspectives, even if its just a blurb. thanks. and dont forget to introduce yourself!
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